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Digital mapping to aid disaster relief efforts

  Effort undertaken by International Red Cross to map vulnerable communities.

Zooniverse Research

-Classify data to help the scientific community and the progress of science.
-Eyes on Eyes to help monitor children with a blinding eye disorder.
-Genome Detectives to help decode genes found in bacteria that cause serious infections and disease in humans. Genes are important for growth and survival of bacteria, the development of antibiotic resistance or focus of vaccine development.

Translate medical documents

If you are fluent in at least one language other than your native language, you can apply to translate medical documents with Translators without Borders.

Virtually visit with seniors

Create Circles is dedicated to engaging older adults and promoting brain health through meaningful conversation and activities. Interested volunteers complete an application and watch training video to be matched with senior to provide virtual visits, especially critical in preventing social isolation and promoting well-being.

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

-Help make Wellness Calls to Seniors in the Community
-Peer to Peer Education Teacher


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